Whether you are Internet savvy or still playing technology catch-up, we’ll get you on board, give you every tool you will need, and comprehensively teach you step by step on exactly how to build a successful online business.


Below is what you will receive from our 2 day weekend seminars.

Day 1


We explain the exact way to understand your market, your product, and the proper way to promote it.  Understanding your business is step 1, and we have some important tips that many fail to put into action.  

The day where you will learn whether you are in a great or a bad market and whether your niche is very, mildly, or not at all competitive (hopefully the latter). 


We will create your website from scratch and we’ll do it together!  Don’t be scared, you will never touch HTML. 

Preparation For DAY 2

Day 2


This is the most important day for the rest of your online business career. Chris has been paid $10,000.00 up front for his SEO services and has been a part of a $40,000.00 per month SEO budget.

On this SEO SUNDAY, you will learn EVERYTHING he knows.

You will learn the complexity of SEO in the most simplistic, comprehensive way possible and you will know EXACTLY how to get to the first page and top of Google.  

On this day you will also learn Facebook advertising, outsourcing your work, dropshipping, wholesale purchasing and selling, and how to properly scale your business to it’s best potential.  

We will end this day by completing any and all finishing touches to your website and business plan.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I had the pleasure of working with Christopher when I was in need of help with my online marketing campaign for my small business. He was attentive to detail, listened to my needs and quickly boosted my online presence. He followed up and continued to help me fine tune my marketing strategies. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is desiring to increase revenue by implementing proper and accurate marketing campaigns online. You will see positive results. Beverly

Beverly Gagliardi

Legal Services Consultant, Wisdom Consulting, Inc.

Chris did an excellent job on our website and although we are still in the beginning stages of representing students across the nation, he’s helped us get into Richmond University and we are eager to continue working with him some more here in the near future as we aim to tackle more of the SEO side of things.

Justin Harper

Pro Basketball Player / CFO, Athletic Junction

As owner of a boutique Realty Firm, I’m always looking for innovative ideas on how to promote my business. Christopher was instrumental in creating videos of my listings and promoting on all my social media outlets. The integration of social media with my website made all the difference in getting increased traffic to my website. I would highly recommend his services!

Vivian Lehman

Principle, Sales Commission Now

Christopher is very detail oriented and friendly individual to work with. It was a pleasure to work so closely with his first venture (AllTop3), which did great business not just in the United States, but even in India!  People reached out to me numerous times to try and work with Chris and use him for consultation help. His level of knowledge and his passion for meeting targets within their deadlines… this is what makes him unique and an extremely hard worker. But what I noticed and admired is that during his busiest hours, he always stayed approachable, a true leader. I am so glad to hear and to now see his new business, You’re So Dot Com and I wish him all the luck for its success.

Abhilekh Verma

Marketing Faculty

Realizing + Accepting + Action

Working on our own projects is gratifying because of the results we create, but it’s nothing compared to the gratification I feel, that we all feel here, when we’re actively involved in another person’s success.  

Business start ups are so incredibly exciting!  It’s the dating/infatuation stage of business that sparks the biggest jolt of creativity one can ever experience in a life time. I’m talking a natural, in-body-generated, creative energy level that is through the roof!  

I know, that you know, what I’m talking about.  

I’ve personally helped friends, family members, even random people at the local Starbucks’s just by sharing a few simple tips that I’ve learned over the last 7 years of SEO work. While they just got a few beneficial snippets from me, you’re going to get EVERYTHING that I know + EVERYTHING that our team knows. 

The system that we’ve created will only fail if you stop working.

It won’t allow you to quit your 9-5 job come the Monday after the seminar, although you might want to, but it will at least give you that option within time. The way I see it is, you’re going to work your 9-5 job with or without this seminar.  The question is… 

What are you doing to make sure you are NOT working that 9-5 job in 1-2 years?


“Between Chris’s web design and SEO skills, my product development, resources, sales techniques, as well as Rich’s experience in startup business development, I can’t imagine what anybody else that hasn’t “made it” yet would rather be doing on a weekend other than learning everything that we did wrong so they can do everything right.” – Zach Stephenson, CEO of Beard Gains

Seriously, MEET US!